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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add a server to the list?
After registering you will be able to access the "Account" drop down menu. From this menu, select Add Server to begin the process.

Q: How can I earn OTList Advertising Coins?
Simply by using our server list on a daily basis you will earn coins that get added directly to your account. Below is a list of all the functions you can use to get coins.

Coins Per Login: 3 | Earned: Every 24 Hours
Coins For Adding Server: 3 | Earned: Every 6 Hour
Coins for Create Thread: 1 | Earned: Every 2 Hour
Coins for Replying to Thread: 1 | Earned: Every 2 Hour
Coins for Commenting on Server Page: 0.05 | Earned: Every 1 Hour
Coins for Rating a Server: 1 | Earned: Every 5 Hour
Coins for Creating a Blog: 0.50 | Earned: Every 24 Hours
Total that can be earned per day: 56.30 Coins

Q: Am I rewarded for players commenting and voting on my server page?
Yes, a big feature of OTList is to allow you to advertise your server page to players and get them to comment, vote and favorite your server in order to earn you extra coins for advertisement.

Coins for Comment on Server Page: 0.25
Coins for Vote on Server Page: 0.25
Coins for Blog Post Comment on Server Page: 0.25
Earned: Once a week per day.

Q: When will I be able to claim and use my coins?
You can claim your coins at your User Dashboard when you have earned 30 coins.

Q: What can I buy with my coins?
You can advertise your server by purchasing any of our shop items which include, Highlighted Slot, Featured Server Placement, and Blog Advertisement.

Q: How can I transfer coins to another user?
Go to a users page you wish to transfer coins to, then locate the button that looks like two arrows. Click it, fill in the amount of coins and the comment you want to send then confirm your transfer.

Q: How do I become an OTList Partner?
Direct message either Extrodus or Averatec with your proposal and/or offering.

Q: How can I get a Hosted Forum Board for my server?
Very simply, just apply on the forum following our guidelines. (Click here)

Thank you for using OTList, please report anything we've missed.
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