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OTList Records Watch Thread


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The most players online was 17,838 on 149 servers, 21 December 2013 21:17:33.

Our numbers are starting to look like real tibia!

Thank you to everyone who is using the list, you are the ones that truly make this all possible!
Created 22 December 2013 02:53:04#post-56

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The most players online was 19,008 on 156 servers, 27 December 2013 21:06:20.

Created 28 December 2013 08:41:09#post-94
Three Magic

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True story. It seems like Tibia is decaying and Open Tibia is growing. We'll see in a few more years. I'm going to predict 3 :)
Created 26 April 2014 01:20:04#post-381
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The most players online was 27,599 on 131 servers, 03 June 2014 16:54:52.    

Created 18 June 2014 15:14:30#post-427

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That;s what I'm talking, we be pushing hard!
Created 19 June 2014 17:01:21#post-429

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