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Tibia 10.30 - Winter Update Watch Thread


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What are your thoughts on the new update?


Finally, the waiting is over! The winter update 2013 has just been released and is now online.

This time, we added something really challenging to the game. Before you set out to face the evil that is threatening Tibia, let us summarise what is waiting for you:

Roshamuul, a new island east of Darama can now be explored. A place filled with deadly menace and frightening horror. A surreal setting, devastated ruins, and the nightmarish atmosphere of the isle will take your breath away as soon as you set foot on the shore.

Numerous challenges await you there. They are not easy and you have to organise your teams. It is most likely that you cannot survive there without the help of others.
A destroyed bridge needs to be repaired and a huge wall has to be breached in order to gain access to the inner parts of Roshamuul. But caution! Massive resistance by the deadly inhabitants makes it difficult to succeed. If you survive long enough on that island, you might be able to receive the new Dream Warden outfit and to tame the new Shock Head mount. Either way, there are only two options to leave this island: In victory or death!

The fight against the creatures there requires all your combat skills. Terrorsleeps, guzzlemaws, and choking fears are only some of the new monsters which await you on the battlefield. In addition, very strong bosses are ruling Roshamuul. In order to win against them you have to think about a good tactic, and for some of them you need a well organised and very strong team. Your efforts will not be in vain, though. Brand new weapons can be obtained now. Furthermore, we added a new way to create these items yourselves. Improve them, and transform them into the best weapons Tibia has to offer right now! We proudly present the umbral creation.

Furthermore, we implemented the walking and riding animations for all mounts and tameable creatures along with the update.
Last but not least, new items have been added to Ruprecht which you can exchange for a certain amount of christmas tokens!

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.30 from our download section.

Enjoy the update!
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