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New Updates Feedback Watch Thread


Posts: 113
How is everyone taking to the new updates?

-Activity/Earn Coins System
-Chat Box/Shout Box
-Partner Pages
-Report Server Function
-Send Coins to User
-New Style: Darkly

Post your feedback here, we'd love to hear what you think!
Created 12 August 2014 19:43:02#post-451
Super Moderator

Posts: 16
I like all the development on this forum, so keep it going! :)

The coins system is a really nice idea, I hope it'll be something that will spark activity in the boards.
Created 19 August 2014 14:00:44#post-452

Posts: 30
When will be posibble to send coins to other user?
Created 08 March 2016 17:12:14#post-530

Posts: 113
It already is available, simply click on a users profile then click the two arrows icon.

Created 13 November 2016 21:02:06#post-724
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